About Klaarstroom


About Klaarstroom

Our History

Klaarstroom was established as a village in the late 19th century. Sheep farmers from the Great Karoo used the clear Swartberg mountain stream water to wash their valuable wool, before embarking further on their journey to Mossel Bay. The town of Mossel Bay provided the nearest port, and therefore, a place where farmers could sell their wares through maritime trade routes.

These wool traders realised that Klaarstroom was the ideal spot to settle. They soon instituted a wool-washing plant and built houses, and other buildings, in the town. Most of the binnedorp (village centre) structures, like our hotel, are still standing today. They feature their original Victorian architecture, with owners preferring to restore rather than rebuild. 

It probably comes as no surprise that the villagers looked for other ways to utilise the crystalline, mineral-rich mountain water. Unlike many of the surrounding towns and farmlands, instead of winemaking, they turned their hands to a far stronger tipple… witblitz aka moonshine. Today, you can visit what has now been declared a National Monument in one of the farms in the district, Vrolikheid, which proudly holds a licenced witblitz still. We must warn you, some claim this liquor has medicinal qualities and many others state that it is highly likely to affect your eyesight!

This little village boasts being the last operator of a transport wagon, however, it was only settled in after the famous Great Trek. The pastureland seeking voortrekkers would have passed by it on the Prins Albert route to Oudtshoorn.


Through our eco-conscious properties, we aim to connect our guests with nature, while preserving and protecting our environment through our community and conservation campaigns. We are committed to sustaining our planet for future generations, so they too can experience the incredible wonder of its biodiversity. We aim to leave only the lightest of footprints, while offering a unique experience to our guests, harmonising culture, comfort and nature. 

With cheerfully designed suites, an inviting pool area, and a welcoming public bar, our accommodation in Klaarstroom is a truly wholesome escape.

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